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WBF Spare Parts LTD

Spare Parts adaptable to Earthmoving Machines Caterpillar® and Komatsu®

WBF Spare Parts LTD is a dynamic enterprise specialized in supplying a wide range of replacement parts for earthmoving machines.

WBF has the purpose of providing an excellent service to meet the customer needs with the utmost professionalism and reliability.

WBF is modern, facing the future with a great capability in offering a line of products of top quality parts to assure good results with attractive and competitive prices.

WBF has the possibility to supply a big variety of items allowing to proceed with sea and air freight consignments anywhere in the world in very fast times.

WBF is very pleased to start a profitable business cooperation with your estimated company offering our best support.

WBF is available for any further information you may need and thank you for the precious attention given.

WBF products are: Undercarriage parts, spherical bearings, spiders, rubber tracks, pumps, rippers and tips, swing bearings, gauges, head and block cylinders, all adaptable to Caterpillar® and Komatsu® machines.

大连万禧工程机械有限公司专业经营工程机械配件, 包括卡特,小松, 推土机, 挖掘机, 产品涵盖底盘件, 发动机件, 传动件, 液压泵, 电器件等。

公司同时经营进口原产于意大利的原子销,摇摆架产品, 经过大量国内外的矿山用户使用,证明该产品已经达到原装产品同样的使用寿命。

目前可以提供市场常见机型包括 卡特D8,D9, D10, D11. 小松D155/275/375/475。公司在保税区设有仓库, 常用的零件可以做到当天发货。

欢迎国内矿山客户, 大机型车主来电垂询。